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Custom Foot Orthotics


It all begins with the feet.  One quarter of the ones in your body are in your feet!  They are the foundation upon which you depend to balance the rest of your body against gravity and postural stresses.

There are 3 arches in the foot that form a dynamic three dimensional springboard.  When working in synchrony, they adapt spontaneously to any stance or force that is put upon the foot. In addition to the 3 arches, the heel must also be considered.  The heel is the first point of contact in any step taken and must be able to rotate, adapt, and compensate for the foot's many directional changes.  If the arches and heel are all working in harmony, the concussive forces of walking and running are minimized through the rest of the body and structural balance is maintained.  If they are not all working in harmony, the concussive force of walking and running radiates upward through the rest of the skeletal structure.  This can lead to inward rotation of the knees, tilting of the pelvis, and torsion through the spine.  

Often, adjusting the feet is adequate to maintain their dynamic harmony.  But when that is not enough, or the feet have been neglected for too long, custom foot orthotics are our answer. We begin by using a computerized weight bearing scan that analyzes the total foot, creating a custom orthotic just for your feet. These orthotics have proven invaluable for patient care by increasing structural stability, therby decreasing foot pain and fatigue.  

I, personally, have used Foot Leveler Orthotics TM for over 25 years and would not be without them. They are flexible, comfortable orthotics that address all 3 arches and heel angle.  They fit right in all your shoes, making all your footwear custom footwear.  We will be happy to assist you if you are curious about, or interested in being fitted for these custom orthotics.

Framingham Chiropractor | Custom Foot Orthotics. Dr. Leroy White jr is a Framingham Chiropractor.