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Clinical Nutrition - Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA)


Dr. Dick Versendaal, DC, CRA, DCRC, DACBN, Master Chiropractor, spent over 50 years researching developing, and refining the subtle energy technique called Contact Reflex Analysis, through which one can determine the root cause of a health issue; emotional, nutritional, structural or a combination of the three.

As explained by Dr. Versendaal, Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), simply stated, is an energy connection. It is a technique that utilizes a muscle response as an indicator and assessment of the energy status of each organ, gland, system, or structure.  This energy assessment is accomplished by testing one or more reflexes, which are similar to acupuncture points and meridians, and monitoring the reactance of the muscle when in contact with these points.  The more the body reacts when an energy imbalance is located, the weaker the muscle.  In CRA the practitioner typically applies a single, downward push on the wrist of a patient's outstretched arm while also making contact with a specific reflex point on the patient's body.  The gentle, but firm push is like a subtle "question" and the muscle reactivity response is the "answer".

People don't often think about the flow of energy necessary for their body to perform all of its intricate functions. We breathe, blink, and go from an easy walk to an urgent run as we cross a busy street as well as process complex issues - all without actually thinking about how this is able to happen.  A healthy body is able to adapt according to the given situation and environment.  It's called homeostasis.  Energy flows balanced and free to every minute area enabling each cell, organ, and system to live and function. Unfortunately our bodies can also experience energy imbalances.  Energy to an organ, gland, system, or structure may be disrupted, or it may be flowing with too high or too low of a frequency necessary for well-being. Interference in the natural, balanced vibrational frequencies of the body causes one to be predisposed to illness and dis-ease.  Someone in this state of energy imbalance may be affected by the many causes of disease e.g. stress, poor nutrition, bacteria, etc.  Symptoms appear.  At onset these may only cause minimal irritation.  However, if left unchecked the body would continue to deteriorate to a more severe state of dis-ease.

Not all doctors are trained in methods used to discover the underlying cause of health problems. Western medicine treats symptoms and diseases through differential diagnosis . With CRA, neither symptoms nor specific diseases are treated.  It is not a system of differential diagnosis, but a technique in which the doctor can correct the subtle energy imbalance by finding and treating the cause.  It is focused on wellness, with the goal of discovering what caused the energy situation whereby dis-ease might flourish. With this information a personalized, specific management plan can be created and implemented to care for the patient as a whole - body, mind and spirit. With CRA patients are given hope.

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