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"I am 62 years old and have been receiving Chiropractic care since I was a teenager.  From 1984 to present, Dr. White (Roy) has been my Chiropractor.  In my opinion, Dr. White is the best Chiropractor, bar none! I find him to be uniquely skilled, compassionate, and he provides care with a great sense of humor."

Robin F.

"I started to see Dr. White after I had unfortunately experienced 3 miscarriages and the reason was unknown.  I wasn't comfortable starting any fertility treatments and so I looked for an alternative solution to try and address my problem. My family had been seeing Dr. White for many years for Chiropractic care and nutrition and so I called to make an appointment to see if he could help me find the source of the problem.  I am happy to say that not only did he identify the problem, we worked together to address and resolve from a natural approach and I am now the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl! I have recommended Dr. White to many other friends and family and all have experienced improvements in their health. Thank you, Dr. White!"

Crystal H.

"I first met Dr. Leroy White, Jr. on March 19, 2007. That is exactly 7 years ago, today being March 14, 2014. At the same time, I had what is commonly referred to as a "Primary Physician", a local medical doctor that I would see one a year for a "check up".  This lady was in her early 80's at the time.  I think it was in 2009 or so that I went to have my annual check up.  She suggested I have an electrocardiogram as I had not had one in 5 years.  I did so. I called her the next day to get the results.  She said "I have a bad right heart valve and arrhythmia"! She suggested I see a cardiologist right away.  Instead I made arrangements to see Dr Leroy White.  He said that he had not checked my heart valves.  Upon doing so, he said "Yes, you do have a problem with your right heart valve."  Then he said an amazing thing:  "Let's see what's causing it." (Conventional medical doctors do not usually try to find out the cause of a problem. Instead they are more likely to suggest an operation or some type of prescription drug. This is the way they have been trained). Roy put different metals on my body to see if it was a metal that was causing my problem. Well, sure enough, when he got to gold, my body reacted to it.  He said, "You have a lot of gold in your body.  Where do you think it came from?" Well, I wore a gold wedding ring for 29 years, but removed it back in 1992 when I was divorced. So perhaps that is where it came from? So Roy suggested I take a Homeopathic Detox liquid each day to remove the gold. He pointed out that gold was a toxin.  I did this for 4-5 months.  About this time, my medical doctor called. She said she would like me to wear a "Holter Monitor"  for 12 hours.  (A Holter Monitor is a small portable battery-powered medical device that measures the heart's activity such as rate and rhythm. This test is ordered when your doctor needs more information about the functioning of your heart than a routine electrocardiogram (EKG) can give him or her.  A patient wears the Holter Monitor for 12 to 48 hours as they go about their normal daily routine) When I called my doctor the next day she said "Everything is normal".  She did not ask what happened. If I told her, she would not have understood.  She was trained as a conventional medical doctor. Conventional medical doctors are doing the best they can with the limited knowlege they have. Alternative medicine is a much better way to go, as you can see. I have not been to a conventional medical doctor since! Dr. Roy White keeps me healthy by regular monthly visits".

Bill Montague - Concord, MA

Our family has been patients of Dr. White for many years. We would recommend him to anyone. He has such a unique healing style and skillset that there is no one like  him in the area. He has been able to find and successfully treat so many different health issues with very specific and finely-tuned chiropractics as well as nutritional therapies in this family that we would not have gotten anywhere else. His office staff is always friendly and accomodates our scheduling needs. We are so very grateful for his wonderful care and support over the years!

Kate F.

I love the idea of using nutrition to address the causes of health problems, so that the body can heal and support itself. Most people have, to some degree, eaten themselves into their current state of ill-health. Nutritional deficiencies or imbalances lead to all sorts of health problems so it makes sense to look to nutrition to repair the body.

Dr. White has an incredible knowledge of the body and its workings. He seems to have an intuitive sense as well. He was of great help in ridding my husband and me of Lyme's Disease. Dr. White was able to discern where the Lyme was and how to treat us. It acted as a different disease in each of us and our treatment with Dr. White was tailored to our separate experiences of it. We were both completely healed under Dr. White's care. It's been 5 years and neither of us has had a re-occurence.

As a dance teacher, I have a very physical job. I am in my 60's and with regular skeletal alignments, I am able to move freely and painlessly. Thank you, Dr. White.

Pamela (Natick)

Three years ago I think Dr. White saved my life. I had gone into a precipitous decline which my regular GP could not figure out. Of course both of us worried that I might have cancer. She put me through many thousands of dollars worth of tests while I got sicker, lost a frightening amount of weight, and suffered from terrible skin problems. Finally she threw up her hands and wondered aloud to me if it was possible that I was so depressed and anxious that I was creating my own symptoms. She offered me anti-anxiety medication. I replied that though I was feeling pretty low at that point, it was because I was seriously ill and apparently undiagnosable, not visa versa. Then I went to see Dr. White which is what I wished I had done in the first place.

He worked at diagnosing me for about twenty minutes using muscle testing and his wealth of knowledge of the body and alll its systems and then announced to me that I had a vey bad case of Lyme. The disease was attacking my digestive system and I was not able to absorb protein and some other nutrients, hence the rapid weight loss and other symptoms associated with malnutrition.

I burst into tears I was so relieved to finally know what was going on. After that he tucked me under his wing and cured me I was put on a very strict diet and a number of supplements. He saw me once a week. Within several weeks, my symptoms began to abate, without I might add, an antibiotic in sight. Within several months in his care, I began to feel like my old self. Within a year, I felt better than I ever had in my life. Today, I continue to work with him to improve my immune system and also get off several medications that western doctors have put me on over the years for things unrelated to Lyme.

I also have two twenty-something daughters who have both been treated by Dr. White, one of them for the Lyme she picked up after a summer spent working on Martha's Vineyard. The other for a virus. Both of them are getting well now. Thank you Leroy, for all you have done for my family.

Phoebe Sheldon

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